May 17, 2014

First Ever Interview Archive

From the description on the archive podcast for my interview this last Wednesday:

"Our next guest was Kally Lyn of The Creation Club. Kally has been working with David Rives and Murry in setting up this dynamic and informative website specifically set up to combat evolution. The site is a one stop for your creation questions. We learn that what started out as a simple question and an offer to help turned into more than Kally expected!

Kally has an inquisitive mind and loves to study the stars. While looking through scriptures we see the appearance of stars and constellations throughout the bible from Genesis to Revelations. The bible is full of science with not only astrology but with oceanography, health, sociology and psychology to name a few.

The Creation Club is a website and Kally encourages people to not only visit the site and their fb page but to also consider submitting materials related to the Creator’s creation; photos, videos, music, lyrics, articles and poems. Whatever you have, Kally Lyn is interested in seeing it and if possible, including it on the website. Visit the site for ideas or contact Kally Lyn at or at their FB page – The Creation Club. Also be sure to sign up for the free email subscription that will keep you updated with new postings and news as it happens."

And here's the link to the archive:

Give it a listen, and tell me what you think!

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