February 28, 2015

Divine Word - A Poem

From shore to shore to open sea
Divine word ever scarce to’ve been
Cherished, sheltered, forbidden, reviled
Damned to burn, passed through, unremitting.
Order, justice, truth and grace,
Must to be found in every countenance
Torn ever for the sake of peace,
Eternal in favor and bless’d in death
Bring life to all who once repent.
What sin, once cursed, its pow’r spent
Now wholly rent and been forgiv’n
Upon the cross now hung and dried
Forever by God be satisfied in payment and reparation!
By these words bless’d and freely given
Instructing, guiding, harmony creating,
All earth forever conducts according
Gaze toward the finishing restoration.

-- Written By Kally Lyn, February 2015

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