April 8, 2015

Blood Moon Reality

So, this is something that has been a big deal lately. I'm over it. It's based on false assumptions, by people who have no real understanding about basic astronomy or the Biblical calendar- or the calendar created by the Rabbi's centuries ago, either, for that matter.

The so-called "Blood Moon" is what happens when there's a lunar eclipse. This event occurs at the Full Moon, when the Moon is opposite the Sun in it's orbit of Earth. An eclipse happens when the Earth gets between the Moon and the direct light from the Sun. It's happened approximately 1600 times since Christ's first coming. THIS IS NOT AN RARE EVENT.

Unleavened Bread and Sukkoth, and most other Feasts, occur on Full Moons, being the 15th day of the lunar month, give or take. Which means that a lunar eclipse is likely to happen during one of these Biblical Feasts 1/6th of the time. THIS IS NOT A RARE EVENT. On any calendar basis.

The so-called End Times signaling Blood Moons occurring during the Feasts over the past/next several years are also not always able to be seen over Israel, as is purported.  A "normal" lunar eclipse is not a supernaturally significant event in the sense that it is a tribulation event. The prophecies in Joel and elsewhere speaking of the moon turning red at the "Day of the Lord" are taken out of context, and not including the full scenario, which also include the sun turning dark, and other things. Not your average eclipse in any case.

Here in "Blood Moon" season, this can help everyone understand the difference between a commonplace phenomenon and a really significant event....
Posted by www.ClassicalAstronomy.com on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

And for another thing, aside from the lack of evidence for the theory itself, the biggest promoters of this idea have recently made it obvious in an interview designed to support their view that they weren't aware of the truth about Blood Moons. Here's a well-stated summarizing note by www.ClassicalAstronomy.com author, Jay Ryan,

"Anti-Christian website reports on a panel discussion with John Hagee and Hugh Ross, the latter of whom takes a contrary position to the "Blood Moon" eschatology. Hagee asks Ross to explain how it was possible for blood moons to occur on significant Jewish holidays in two consecutive years. Ross's answer shows that he is unaware that both eclipses and the Jewish feasts of Passover and Sukkot occur at the Full Moon, and that this occurs 1/6 of the time. Hagee then shows that he was unaware that the last Blood Moon was not even visible from Israel. Nobody in this short clip mentioned that most of the eclipses in question occurred AFTER the events in 1492, 1948 and 1967."

And the link to the article/interview:


I think Scripture tells us to be watchful at all times. But we are still to live uprightly, regardless of when or how the world ends. Not be carried away by winds of doctrine and unsound advice. No matter how popular the people promoting this scenario are.

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