November 16, 2015

An Open Letter on the November issue of ICR's Acts&Facts

Randy Guliuzza’s article, The Eugenics Disaster, was excellent, and really got to the heart of Evolution’s influence on the issue. But I would caution one not to assume that this problematic view of superior/inferior people is only due to the theories of Darwinian Evolution. The actions taken in recent history, even to the current day, were certainly spurred on by such ludicrous “evidences”, but the beliefs involved have always been part of the sinful nature of man. Throughout history, there have been wars waged, kingdoms razed, and entire people groups destroyed over the idea that something about one person’s body, politics, or viewpoint makes them better than their “enemy”. In fact, many supporters or early developers of what became known as the field of Eugenics were devout Christians of one sect or another, firmly believing that those who didn’t hold to their religious or hierarchal views of society were inferior –much as the Crusaders of previous ages thought. {I highly recommend Harry Bruinius’ Better For All The World as a good historical summary of the subject and its influence in western society particularly.} Rather than play the blame game, we need to realize that we all, as human beings, are susceptible to these tenets and take personal accountability for how we treat other people -made in the image of a Holy God.

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