February 3, 2016

Kerr Family Career Change - GoFundMe

I didn't write this, but I do know their family. Please consider sharing.

Mike & Malissa Kerr are in need of some start-up funds for a new career necessitated by Mike’s medical limitations. Mike has struggled for years with back issues stemming from a childhood injury that continues to get worse.  He is a talented construction entrepreneur who has consistently given his time and talent to mentor and help others.  His older sons and son-in-law have helped him lately with his projects, but the more Mike struggles in this work, the more injury he does to himself and the less he is able to heal through rest.  He is in the prime of his life unable to support his family with the skills and abilities he has honed over the years.  His desire is just to be able to provide for his family utilizing at least some of the knowledge he has acquired over the years.  To that end, through prayer, research and much discussion, Mike & Malissa believe that he should get his Real Estate Appraiser License. His training will start mid-February.

This would necessitate tuition, a car repair, room & board, finances for bills for four months which continue during his trainee classes, and money for some medical expenses.  Mike and Malissa have eight children still at home.  They are servants and givers.  They exhibit this through their lives, even when they don’t have a spare nickel to rub between their fingers.  They house others; they garden extensively and give produce to others; they mentor the sons of others; they hold Biblical feast gatherings on their land and invite others; they truly have Shepherd hearts.

Several friends who became aware of their situation, suggested opening a “Go Fund Me” account.  The Kerrs were very hesitant.  They finally agreed, realizing that God could move upon people’s hearts to share or not, and that allowing their need to be made known would give others an opportunity to be the Hands of YHVH ministering to them.  As one of these friends, I ask you to help us heap love on Mike & Malissa.

May YHVH be blessed, may you be blessed, and may Mike & Malissa also be blessed!  Thank you for making this a matter of prayer.  And please share!


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