April 20, 2016

Book Review: Silencing the Darwin Skeptics by Dr. Jerry Bergman

 As with many words, the term “evolution” has several similar but distinct meanings, which in some cases have, shall we say, evolved over time. We must recognize this fact when addressing the issues surrounding the debacle we call the origins debate. One doesn’t have to be a theist or atheist to accept or deny the various methods by which it has been supposed we evolved from some lesser predecessing creature. The suppositions themselves are hypotheses and theories which honest scientific and logical inquiry may show to be valid or not. Many purely naturalistic processes have, in fact, been invalidated through reasonable study employed by theists and non-theists alike. Unfortunately, honest science has been detrimentally affected by the choking out of many brilliant modern minds that refuse to accept the ideology of an evolutionary origin at face value, and without question. This is particularly the case in publications and four year schools, though not always. Bergman illustrates the vast expansion of this vain philosophy throughout our society, and its perversion of the media, legal, and education systems to justify the controlling of propaganda, and routine silencing of doubters. He makes excellent work of revealing and documenting the truth of how the modern scientific community is not merely excluding results from researchers in the top of their fields, but scorning their very existence with open hostility- treatment which those who follow in the path of a Neo-Darwinian worldview would never accept for themselves.

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