October 20, 2016

On Labels

Why do we always have to label things? People. Ideas. Even those of us who don't like labels. It's an innate human habit. But it gets us into so much trouble. Causes so much discord and strife. Oy vey... Yet, the first thing God had Adam do was label. I can't help but wonder if it is the action itself, then, which is the problem, or if the issue lies in what we do with said label. How do we approach it? With what attitude? What is the purpose of doing so? Is it meant to overall clarify, unite, and promote peace? Or to make distinction, segregate, and pass judgment? Does it make things simpler? Or further complicate one's understanding? Do we really need all of them? Or can we go without? Do the labels we use promote stress overall, or release it?...

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