November 15, 2016

God's Perspective on Art

Art is the act of capturing and preserving the beauty that God has placed around us, the moments brought to memory by that depiction, or the emotions evoked by what one sees, hears, feels, or otherwise senses.

Beauty is healing. The viewing, creation, or mimicking of beauty is healing, in a way unlike any other.

Art is second nature to us as humans, made in the image and likeness of our creator. Of course we want to produce and preserve beauty. It's instinctual. He made us that way. He loves art. He specifically included it in the formation of the tabernacle, the priests' garments, even the design of how the camp of Israel was laid out.

It is an innate part of the biblical parables or comparisons given to a potter, musician, metalworker, or other skilled craftsman. Yes, the end product can potentially be functional. But the skill of the workman is judged also by how well the work looks when he's done.

 Exodus 31 says that God put the work in the hearts of those skilled craftsmen and women who contributed to the tremendous art piece that was the Tabernacle. Skill that they had developed over years of working to become the experts that they were.

In Song of Solomon 7, the beauty of the bride is compared to the work of the artist.

In 1 Kings 6, there were specifically "artistic frames" made for the Temple of Solomon, besides all of the other incredible design work employed.

In Revelation 18:22, it is an insult from God that there will no longer be found anyone creating anything beautiful or productive in Babylon.

There are over a dozen words in the Bible that I have found, in just a short time of searching, which have to do with the production or viewing of beauty; some for functional purposes, and others for ornament alone.

It's not about whether we have pictures, or carvings, sculptures, or any other form of art around us. It's what we do with it that matters most. Just about anything can be considered art, including how words are put on a page...

Art is an idea, a perception or translation of the world around us; not something that can be simply labeled, "stuff."

Just as Idolatry is the perversion of said idea, and also cannot be simply labeled as, "stuff."

People worship themselves, money, ideas, things that can't be narrowed down to being specifically good or bad in and of themselves, beyond the seemingly more obvious "stuff."

Art is a tool that we can use, for good or evil. How we use it is up to us.

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