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Last Updated 11/16/2015
Note: I may not personally endorse or agree with all content and/or beliefs of the following websites.
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Even with constant editing, this has become a fairly long list of links, so here's a rundown of the topics. They are listed in order of appearance.
~Blogs and Websites For Edification and Encouragement For Women
~Edification and Encouragement Specifically to Young Women
~Websites for the Training and Encouragement of Families
~Homeschooling Websites 
~Healthwise Websites
~Scientific Interest
~Internet Radio
~Other Blogs and Websites of Interest

Blogs and Websites Devoted to the Edification and Encouragement of Women:
Generation Cedar
Wild Olive Shoot
The Encouraging Home
Visionary Womanhood
Edification and Encouragement Specifically to Young Women:
Visionary Daughters (Botkin Sisters)
Blessed Femina
SetApartGirl (Magazine)
Websites for the Training and Encouragement of Families:
ResTORAHtion Ministries (Terry and Carol Boutet)
Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham)
Ellerslie Mission Society (Eric Ludy)
Homeschooling Websites:
Heart of Wisdom
Donna Young Printables
DLTK Kids (Printables)
Simply Charlotte Mason
Hearts in Training
Miquon Math (Curriculum)
Rainbow Resource Center
Creation in the 21st Century (show on TBN, hosted by David Rives)
Genesis Science Network (Roku, Online, 24/7, David Rives Ministries)
Creation Superstore
Healthwise Websites:
Young Living Essential Oils
Covered Simply Linen (100% Linen Clothes)
Fit2b Studio (fitness)
The Encouraging Home
Sharing Great Health
Growing Healthy Homes
Scientific Interest:
Orion Foundation (Robert Gentry)
Earth Science Associates (Robert Gentry)
Institute for Creation Research (ICR)
Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham)
Hubble Reveals Creation
EarthSky Tonight (Visible Astronomy)
David Rives Ministries (Biblical Science)
SeaSky Astronomy Calendar 2013
In That Day (Astronomy/Prophecy)
Ron Wyatt Museum (Tennessee)
Creation Evidence Museum (Texas, Dr. Carl Baugh)
Creation Museum (Kentucky, Answers in Genesis)
God and Science
Moon Watch (HMNAO Project)
Answers Research Journal (Creationist Science Papers)
Your Origins Matter (An ICR Resource) 
Creation Ministries International
Creation in the 21st Century (show on TBN, hosted by David Rives)
The Creation Club (Yours Truly, David Rives Ministries)
Genesis Science Network (Roku, Online, 24/7, David Rives Ministries)
Creation Superstore (David Rives Ministries)
Proslogion (Dr. Jay Wile's Blog)
Academia (Professional Topical Papers)
Internet Radio:
Messianic LAMB Radio
Hebraic Roots Network
Hebrew Nation Radio
Truth in Life Radio {Archives} (Moshe Laurie)
David Rives Music
Messianic Songs (Aleeza Evans)
Zachary Bruno Music
Other Blogs and Websites of Interest:
HaYovel Ministries
Revive (Conference)
HarvestMag (Online Magazine [archive])
Natural Navigator (book)
In That Day (Astronomy/Prophecy)
Kilt Men (Men in MUGS)
Love Awakened (Aaron and Tricia Leu)
Gospel for Asia (K.P. Yohannan, Missionaries)
Ensembles of the Past (Custom Historic Clothes)
Joy of The King (Daniel Clayton)
Lee's Bird-watching Adventures
On That Day Ministries (Cole Davis)
Oola Life