Weekly Torah Portion Readings

There are many various "Torah Reading Schedules" which have been made by men. None of them are a required-by-God law, and none of them are perfect. Our family has now used several Annual Torah schedules, as well as following a Triennial reading schedule for a short time. I think I can say that there are definitely pro's and con's to both systems, depending on your circumstances. We have also used a biennial reading schedule which goes through the entire canon of Scripture.
We are currently not using any schedule at all, just going through the Bible at our own pace.

A few notable study schedules (links to the torah portion formats, not the ministries):

~Your Arms to Israel {PDF} (Annual- without dates, so can easily be used from year to year)
~First Fruits of Zion {PDF} (Annual)
~In That Day {PDF} (two year cycle, reading entire canon)
~Torah Resource {PDF} (Triennial cycle)
~Messianic World {Web} (Triennial cycle)
~FLAME Foundation {PDF} (Annual)